Sunday, October 5, 2008

Brak fasting at Kasepuhan Cirebon

Day two at Cirebon.........

Just because we still feel tired, we mean to going around Cirebon town before we go to the cemetery.

We are still in fasting, first we go to Grage Mall, the biggest mall in Cirebon......and it's a 3 floor mall, with minimum air conditioner, now we are suffering because it's hot and there's nothing entertain us, like window shopping or something, because for us Grage Mall is really bored. And my laptop cannot connect to the hotspot, so it's completely bored.

Then we continue around, looking something for break fasting, first we choose Kanoman street but then we found that this street is too mess so we're moving forward to the front of Kasepuhan mosque.

At Kasepuhan mosque there so many food vendor, and the place is comfort enough for us. We choose empal gentong = a meat soup with coconut milk, Nasi Lengko = Rice with tofu, bean sprout, tempe, and soy sauce. Ketoprak = vegetables with peanut sauce, sop buah = fruits with syrup and ice, Teh Poci = tea served in a clay pot and lump sugar.

for all menus we have to pay Rp 102.000,-. Actually i don't mind with the price, but when i ask my brother who is Cirebon resident, it's really shocking........we have to pay empal gentong = Rp 15.000,- per pack which common price is Rp 6.000 - 7.000, Nasi lengko we paid Rp 10.000,- with common price is Rp 4.000,- WOOOWWW!!! So if we pay according to the common price, we only have to pay about Rp 50.000,-.......hemmmm well so this is Cirebon people........

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