Thursday, October 23, 2008

Health Insurance

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Think for the best and prepare for the worst........

I think it's a good idea when we think about an insurance, because sometimes maybe we feel dislike to pay the insurance premium considering we aren't need it at current time.

But we don't know what gonna happens next time, maybe we suddenly get an accident or something, then we have to go to the hospital and get an expensive treatment. And when it's happens maybe we'll feel sorry that we don't have any health insurance.

I feel in a fit heath, so why i have to pay any health insurance? most people maybe will think like that,
In Indonesia health insurance was classified into 2 kind, collective (group) and individual. Individual insurance appropriate for your self or family. And collective are an insurance which given by company to their employe. The more persons colleting in one company, the cheaper premium that company have to pay.


Commomly treatment or program in helath insurance is outpatient, inpatient, birth delivery and dentist.

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