Friday, October 24, 2008

Share your feeling

Devita in her blog talking about a healthy relationship is if we can share our feeling to our spouse. I think i agree about that......

But for me, share a feeling is a hardest thing in the world.

Currently i have a boyfriend, but i can't talking about anything to him, especially when i feel so sad, i have no courage to tell him.

Yesterday he tell me that he just get a sms from her ex girlfriend who is tell him that she's gonna married soon, and he tell me that he feel so sad to hear it. Actually i feel shocking about his sadness and suddenly i feel so sad too, i wonder how can he tell me that he feel so sad about his ex-girlfriend marriage. But i don't even say something to him, i just hearing his voice on the phone and start crying without a sound, only a tears fall down from my eyes and keep my voice as normal as i can.

Until now he don't even know about it, we keep talking like usual, but deep in my heart i feel like i'm losing something, i feel like he don't really love me, he is not really want me, maybe deep in his heart he still want his ex. And honestly it's reduce my love to now, he go to another city for a couple days, i don't even feel miss him or something.

I know is not a healthy relationship anymore, uuuuh can somebody help me to be more

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