Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Beard and Gamis

There's a funny story about beard,

In Indonesia, a man with a beard, especially when he wearing a gamis (an Arabian style shirt), people will conclusion in a rush that he must be FPI (Front Pembela Islam), an organization in Indonesia who always fighting pornographic, adulterous, alcohol and something bad like that.

For a bad girl like me, of course not an interesting moment if i have to get in touch with them.

Yesterday i was looking for a new kost (boarding house), somebody fingered me to a great house with modern minimalist style, when i see the house WOW!!! i like this, so i parked my car and my friend come out from my car first then go straight to the front area, but suddenly she turn back to my car, i wondering why. When i look toward, i see a man with a beard and a gamis in the front of the kost house.

I feel shocking too, i see sceptically maybe it's a FPI station. Actually i want to turn back too but i already park my car, it will look so not polite if i just turn back like that so me and my friend continue walking. The guardian greet us and let us see the room, during walking i asking about who is the man with beard and gamis, is he someone so religious. He answer that he is an occupant in this kost house, and actually it's not his habit to wearing gamis....and he said i don't have to worry, he he he must be understand that i'm freak. it's not about FPI, but i prefer to not get in touch with something too religious.

Well then i feel so lighten, especially when i see the room is so cool, an air conditioned room with personal bathroom and large parking area, i think it's the one that i'm looking for so long, and for this cool room i only have to pay Rp 1.600.000,- per month. This kost house also completed with a small gym, it's located at Cipete area, South Jakarta.


Anonymous said...

hi it's me again your anonymous sister in kost hunting. just weant to ask if this kost has a kitchen? and where in cipete area? thanks again

Anonymous said...

Yes there's one kitchen for every 4 room........if you know where Pasar Cipete are, it's would be easy to find this kost. At the left side of Pasar Cipete is Damai Raya street, you will find the kost easily then.