Monday, October 13, 2008

L is for Love and Loneliness

If the blog which i linked is tell us that L is for Lamppost, Lantern and Lotus flower......for me L is for Love and Loneliness.


Because for me Love and Loneliness is related, once i fall in love with somebody that's the time when i asking for more. I need him every time everywhere and his everything.

But as we commonly known, there's no everything everywhere and every time for us, not from the one that we love. And that the time when loneliness became a friend of your heart, loneliness will fulfill your daily life.

So, can you get the main problem is?

The main problem is, don't ever hoping and asking anything from the one that you life, so then you will free from hoping and loneliness. Then there's only love which will showering your heart and flowering your days. know it's a hardest thing in the world, to really love a man, you get to let him free and don't package him with any of your demanding.

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Dion said...

come on dont be too upset! you will find someone better than him!