Monday, October 20, 2008

The blog addicted

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Why blogging are so addicted???
I think because you can talk everything you want to talk about, you can express any of your feeling.

I see a lot of people talking about their family, friends, their job, hobbies.......and sooooo many more in their blog. And is it usefully for other blog reader? yes i think so. Because it's happens to me, when i need to know about something, let say when i feel so interested about green peace community (the community that i always want to join in), i start searching from the internet, and my search engine mostly will searched blogger who write about their experience in green environment. And for me, something like this is more reality than a documentary movie.

Yea i think, this is the point what i love about's more realistic than any commercial website.

It's look like watching a reality show on TV, when we watch a Kardashian family, or Lohan, or the Carters, i think it's some interesting TV show.......another different kind of TV show, beside news, soap opera, quiz. It's really enriching, and entertaining.

Another blogger loves to monetize their blog too, and i guess it's really fine, hobby makes money, it's quite cool.

So guys, keep blogging,

I Love blogging !!!!!!!!

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