Thursday, October 16, 2008

Getting pasport in Manila

getting a passport in manila

Actually i have no idea about how to getting a passport in Manila, since i living in Indonesia and i've never go abroad.

But i can tell you about how to get a passport in Jakarta, Indonesia, i've been doing it at 2007.

Here in Indonesia, now they have a newest methods to propose a passport it's called digitization system, where were it's manual system.

First you have to go to Immigration station according to the area where you are living in, for example if you are living in East Jakarta, you can find it at Cipinang street next to Cipinang prison.

Document requirement :

1. KTP (Indonesian Citizenship card)
2. Familly listed card
3. Latest education certificate or birth certificate
4. A covering letter from company where you are worked (if any)

Then, follow this step :

1. Fill in a request form (it's Rp 15.000,-)
2. Put this form to the locket and wait until 5 work days (It's free of charges)
3. Submit your photograph (Rp 55.000,- for making your photograph) and follow the interview (Pay Rp 200.000,-)and finger print fee Rp 5.000,-
4. Processed about 2 work days
5. Your passport is done

And that's it fella.......

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