Sunday, October 19, 2008

Visual basic

free visual basic tools

Actually i don't know very much about visual basic, one thing i know about visual basic is a computer program language to build an application. We using algorithm, logic on how to apply these to a programing language.

Lately i've heard about VB+ViMaker32 (Visual Basic Virus Maker). From what i search in the internet, VB+ViMaker32 is a software which built for making a computer program which based on security. This software is an editor which containing codes to running an action according to given code. This software could make a program (for security)with purpose to testing on computer system, change system management, also as a malware removal with any additional modul/plugins.

This software could do a simulation malware attack and testing system endurance to malware attack and could refresh a system which already changed by a malware.

Even this software is labeled ‘Virus Maker’, doesn't mean that this software only can make a malware, this software also could be used to converse existing and active malware using ‘Malware vs Malware’ technical so you can using this software if your anti virus could not detect or delete active malware

This software was made using ‘Visual Basic’ language program, to running this software and the program that made, you have to have a Visual Basic runtime file in your system file runtime : MSVBVM60.etc. Software is a replacement for similar program which released before: BCVCKIT32 (Bla@ck Cyber Virus Cre@tor Kit). This software has revised and name changing starting from : MesMew Virus Compiler (unreleased), V-Rez@constructor (RC01) and the latest VB+ViMaker32. With continuing development this software has become an useful tools.

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