Monday, October 13, 2008


If you have no idea to spent your spare time, just go to the karaoke.........and sing a song.

Last Sunday night I did karaoke with my friends at Happy Puppy D best Fatmawati South Jakarta. It's a karaoke center, quite comfortable in affordable price.

They are a computer based karaoke, unlike KTV Karaoke at Plaza Senayan which based on Television Karaoke which is a little confusing for me because i'm not familiar yet, in computer based, we can only read the song list on the computer monitor and pick it by a mouse click. In Television based, we choose at a television screen and pick it with a remote control.

Actually television based karaoke is one step ahead from computer based, but he he maybe i'm a technology stammer.

Things to make karaoke became so fun is :

1. Choose a cool friends, don't pick a friend who will dominated to sing, otherwise you will only dazed all over the time instead enjoy the karaoke
2. Choose a cheerful song, once you choose a sad song, the ambient will became full of sadness
3. Beer will help to rise warmness in the room
4. Snack ....... like chips and cookies is cool

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